Thursday, October 15, 2015

Farms in the Classroom Grant in Action

Today was our first visit from Miss Virginia, our Dairy in the Classroom Educator.  In coordination with Farm to School and Play 60 healthy kids, RES first graders are getting an amazing opportunity.  Once a week for the next 5 weeks, Miss Virginia will visit our classroom to teach us things about local farms.  

Today students learned about dairy and goat farming.  We learned that Holstein cows make the most milk!  We also learned more about cows and other animals that are cud chewers!  Cows have for stomachs, they are ruminants!  So are lots of other animals like goats, deer and even giraffes!  Volunteers dressed up as a cow and a goat to help us learn more.

Then we used heavy cream to make our very own butter.  We tried cinnamon butter and plain butter.  Many students liked both flavors.  Next week we will be learning about fruit and vegetable farming!

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