Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Making Life Sized Penguins- Part 1

Tuesday we began our final penguin project! Each student selected a penguin to create in life size form! Some selected the Little Blue, while others the Rockhopper! Many learners selected the largest of the Penguins, the Emperor! Students began by measuring their paper to make the height accurate. Next, our students sketched their penguin. Over the next few days we will be putting the finishing touches on our life-sized penguins!

Valentine Reminder

Mrs. Hackett's Class will be celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow! 💝 Mrs. Hackett will be at a workshop on Friday! Thank you!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

4 Winds- All About Birds!

On Friday our first-graders enjoyed another exciting, hands on lesson from our 4 Winds parents. Students learned all about birds and what makes them unique! This was a great connection to our penguin unit!
Students got a chance to try using different beaks (tools) to gather food for the baby birds! Thank you to our 4 Winds parents for this opportunity!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pass the Egg! Penguin Fun!

First graders are learning so many penguin facts. This week we discovered that some penguin parents pass their egg back-and-forth on their feet, never letting it touch the Icy ground. King Penguin parents take turns caring for their egg. One keeps the egg snug and warm, while the other goes to eat. First-graders played a game where they had to pass an "egg" back-and-forth, never letting it touch the icy ground! We learned that penguin parents have a tough job!

All About Measuring!

Last week our first graders started a brand new unit all about measuring. We are learning to take accurate measurements with a variety of measuring units. We started off by using unifix cubes to measure items around our classroom. We then ordered the items from shortest to longest. We finished the week by measuring groups or fish and sorting out which fish would be "keepers".