Monday, December 22, 2014

Counting Larger Numbers

Our first graders took on a challenge today!  Learners worked on counting and writing numbers into the hundreds!  Everyone was able to count higher than they predicted!  I'm so proud of the hard work from our scholars during this busy week!  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Guten Tag! Hello from Germany

Our class packed our bags today and said goodbye to Italy! We boarded our next flight bound for Germany!  With the aircraft cabin lights dimmed, we watched a brief inflight movie all about holidays and traditions in Germany.  With our passports stamped, our first grade travelers learned a few exciting facts about the country of Germany. The architecture, holiday markets and the German Alps were the favorite visiting spots of our class.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where in the World is Mrs. Hackett's Class?

Bonjourno!  Hello from Italy!  Our first graders have left the country of Israel and landed safely in Italy! While here we will be learning a little about the country of Italy and about the legend of La Befana.  La Befana delivers gifts to the children of Italy!  Ask you child to share something they know about La Befana.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

All Aboard RES Flight 7963 bound for Israel

Today our first graders were issued their very own passports!  We packed our suitcases and boarded our first flight. We landed in Israel!  Students entered the country through the customs gate where their passports where stampeded dated.  Next we learned about the Israeli flag and added it into our passports. While in Israel, we will be celebrating Hannukah, the Festival of Lights! We also learned many facts about Israel including climate information, favorite foods, and places travelers like to visit! Ask your child about the Dead Sea!  It was a favorite of our class!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Farm Unit Books

Today our first graders finished up our farm unit by creating an all about farms book.  We have collected projects, brochures, and writings about 4 different types of farms, apple, pumpkin, CSA farm shares, and dairy.  Today we finished the covers and bindings on our books.  They were so large that we couldn't fit them in the home/school folders.  So, please look for your child's book his/her backpack.  

During our next unit we will be exploring mapping skills and learning how different cultures around the world celebrate winter holidays.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

What are we thankful for?

First graders have been working on a small writing project about things we are thankful for.  We had so many things, it was hard to narrow it down to our top 5!  Each learner thought of 5 things in their lives that they are thankful for. We then attached our writing to our thankful turkeys!  We will be sending them home tomorrow. We know their words will warm your hearts!  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shelburne Farms Trip

First graders loved exploring farm life at Shelbure Farms as part of our Vermont Farms unit.  We got the chance to step back in time and see what life was like long ago.  First graders had a chance to make candles, feed the chickens, card wool, and make butter.  These were all chores that 6-7 years olds were charged with in the early days.  We also learned how farmers earned money and the met that wants and needs of their families.  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Farm Share Soup

First graders are learning all about CSA's or Community Supported Agriculture as part of our farming unit. The students have been learning that CSA's help farmers get money when they need it, at the being of the planting season.  CSA's also help the consumer get a fresh and diverse mix of produce delivered weekly.   

Our class signed up for a mock CSA.  We paid the farmer (Mr. Berry) for a share of the RES farm crop.   This morning our share basket was delivered to our classroom.  We sorted the share and decided which vegetables should be included in our soup.  we decided to slice and eat the other vegetables raw.  The students enjoyed washing, peeling and chopping all our vegetables.  The soup was delicious!