Sunday, February 26, 2017

Creating Life-Size Penguins

Penguin week is always a favorite for our kiddos!  This year our First Graders jumped right in! To wrap up our math unit on measurement, students learned about 4 kinds of penguins.  We used inch tiles, unifix cubes, and rulers to measure the length of each penguin.  They created a penguin fact sheet that included the actual penguin height, weight and key features.  To finish off penguin week, students selected a penguin and created a life-size model.  They could choose between Little Blue, Rockhopper, Chinstrap or Emperor.  It is amazing to watch our learners take such care in their measurement to ensure that their penguin is 100% true to size.  Ask your child to share some of their amazing penguin facts with you! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Force and Motion- explore

We have started our new unit in science- All About Force and Motion.  This week we are exploring our materials and discovering what we can learn with them. First Graders created scientific questions that they wonder about and want to explore. In addition, we are learning what a fair test is and why it's important in science. I can't wait to test some of the creative questions they came up with!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Author Share

On Friday our First Graders got a chance to share all their hard work with friends and family. Each student selected an animal to research and write about during our nonfiction reading and writing units. In addition, students created a habitat and clay animal to help their readers learn more about their animal. To wrap up our project, students created a talking animal video sharing their favorite facts.  They used the free app Chatter Pix Kids to create their video. This is a free, ad free app that lets you turn any photo into a talking  video.  Students loved seeing the talking photo with their voice.  Thank you for coming and celebrating their hard work!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Writing Celebration With Friends!

This week First Graders got a chance to share their nonfiction books with their friends!  Learners teamed up with buddies from Ms. Purvee's class.  It was an amazing time hearing our First Grade Author's reading their work!  Well done!