Saturday, June 8, 2024

Creating Nature T-Shirts with our Local Artist Chris Gluck!



Chris Gluck visited UCS on June 5th and assisted all students in making

T-shirts using leaves as stencils.

Chris is an artist and teacher who has taught an after school art program, summer camps, adult art and craft classes and birthday parties for over 25 years at Poker Hill Arts. Her two daughters and now granddaughter are UCS graduates. Chris wrote the book "Art from Nature ABC's" which she sells at craft shows, and in local bookstores. See more at her websites: and


Saturday, June 1, 2024

Make Way for Ducklings!


This week we enjoyed watching the ducklings hatch in Mrs. Bernier’s class. Make sure you check out our blog for pictures with the ducklings!

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Science Exploration, Biking, and a Scavenger Hunt!

Learning highlights from the week:

Math First graders have completed their unit on place value. Next they will be starting a unit on 3D shapes.

Second graders continue to work on subtraction, and they are now adding numbers over 100. They are learning how to select the most efficient strategy to solve the problem.

Reading-   We are continuing to work on end of year assessments. In addition some students are working on silent letters gn, kn, wr, while others are working on suffix endings.

Writing-We have wrapped up our book reviews. Students did a fantastic job sharing their opinions.

Science: Students are learning all about the states of matter. Friday we did an experiment learning about how heat can change the state of matter. We will continue to learn more about this subject through the last weeks of school.


Saturday, May 18, 2024

Games, Biking, and a Guest Reader!

Learning highlights from the week:


First graders continue to work on their unit on place value.    

Second graders continue to work on subtraction, and they are now adding numbers over 100.  Here’s an example of how they’re doing it in case you want them to show you!

345 + 223=       300 + 40 + 5  358 + 437 =   300 + 50 + 8

   +200 + 20 + 3 + 400 + 30 + 7

                  500 + 60 + 8 = 568    700 + 80 + 15 = 795

Reading-   We have begun end of year assessments and continue to work on author’s craft while reading.  

Writing-This week our focus has been on giving evidence to support our book reviews. We are hoping to wrap them up this week!

Mindfulness-  We continue to talk a lot about following the group plan and how to keep our bodies in the “green zone” during the school day.   With the days getting warmer this time of year, it always becomes more difficult to follow classroom expectations and stay focused and learning.  We’ll keep working on this, I know they  can do it!