Saturday, May 21, 2022

Game Day Reading Celebration and More!


This week we celebrated our 1st Graders and their incredible job reading 120 hours.  Students brought in games from home and shared them with our class. It was fantastic to watch our learners teach each other how to play their favorite games!  We also shared our Reader’s Theater scripts with our 4th Grade buddies.  Everyone did a fantastic job!

Here are a few things we worked on this week:

  • Suffix -ing and -ed

  • Understanding characters and their traits

  • Game Day Celebration!

  • Adding punctuation to our writing

  • Fluency and expression with our reading

  • Counting by 10 off the decade

  • Adding and subtracting multiples of 10 from any 2 digit number 

  • Learned about the Moon- Earth’s only natural satellite 

  • Learned about the phases of moon

Next week we will:

  • Select a favorite book and write a review of it

  • Add contractions to our phonics and spelling

  • Complete our reading assessments

  • Continue our work on character traits and problem/solution with our fictional texts

  • Adding and subtracting with 120 using place value

  • Writing 3 digit numbers

  • Explore patterns in the day and night sky

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Fun with 4th Grade Buddies and More!

Here are the things we worked on this week.

We learned:

  • The difference between a fact and your opinion

  • How to share your opinion with others- Convince your reader!

  • Read books with our 4th Grade buddies

  • How to use story elements to improve comprehension

  • Keep track of the time and setting while reading

  • Long vowel pattern CVCe

  • Counting, Adding and Subtracting Groups of 10

  • Learning to understand the Base 10 System

  • The Sun is 93,000,000 miles away

  • The Sun provides light and warmth to the Earth

Next week we will:

  • Continue with Opinion Writing

  • Learn to use reasons and examples to support our opinions

  • Learn more about predicting in fiction books

  • Practice keeping track and retelling important parts of a story

  • Continue with long vowel pattern CVCe- u has been really tricky for us

  • Practice our sight words - here is the list

  • Focus on Place Value and how it use it to add and subtract

  • Learn about the patterns in our sky- the sun rises in the east and sets in the west

Keep up the reading at home!  We are almost at 120 hours!  Sight word practice can be very helpful for a young reader to help them progress.  We are working on the first 50 sight words.   If you are interested, here is a website that has games you can make and play at home


Saturday, April 9, 2022

Puzzle Challenge, Lunch in the Cafeteria, 4th Grade Buddies and More!


This week our learners worked on:

  • True or False Math Equations

  • Missing Addend Problems

  • Magic e makes the vowel say its name

  • Completed our habitats and animals for or nonfiction celebration

  • Learned about our Solar System 

  • Explored the sizes of planets and stars in and out of our solar system

  • Worked on partner reading and how to share a story

  • Added making mental images to our reading strategies

  • Choice time with our 4th Grade Buddies!

  • Lunch in the cafeteria 

  • Learned the Planet Song and the Dwarf Planet Song

Next week we wll:

  • Share our nonfiction work with families

  • Have our UVM interns for full days instead of half days

  • Continue our work on missing addend problems

  • Learn more about space and patterns in the sky

  • Begin learning about how to share and write our opinions with persuasive writing

  • Look closely at the endings of words when we are reading

  • Continue to try a different strategy if the first one doesn’t work when solving unknown words

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Science, 4th Grade Visit and More!

Here are the things we worked on this week:

  • Learned strategies to add and subtract 3 numbers

  • Learned to look for important clues in word problems to tell if they are adding or subtracting

  • Created a table of contents for our nonfiction book

  • Learned about seed dispersal and created and tested paper seeds

  • Worked more on beginning and ending blends

  • Practiced reading accurately and looking at the whole word, not just the beginning

  • Practiced checking for understanding.  It’s not enough to just read the word, it also has to make sense!

Next week we will:

  • Learn how imagery helps comprehension

  • Add silent e to our phonics/spelling

  • Create our animal habitats and make our animal videos

  • Continue working on understanding the equal sign and equivalent equations

  • Learn more about missing addend problems

  • Start our new science unit on space and patterns in the sky

  • Visit to the bookfair on 4/8

Book Fair Volunteers Needed!  

The Scholastic Book Fair will be coming to Richmond Elementary School April 4-8.  To make this a successful event, Mrs. Wood is looking for some volunteers to help out.  Jobs include running the cash register, being a shopping assistant, setting up, and closing up.  All volunteers need the fill out the appropriate forms from the district located here before they can volunteer.  To sign up please click the following link or talk to Mrs. Wood in the Library.



Friday, March 25, 2022

Science in Action!!


Our students love science!  We had an AMAZING time designing beach umbrellas using ideas from trees.  Students were able to make adjustments and then test their ideas with our homemade wind! Students gave each other ideas and supported one another.  We will continue with more science activities this week.

This week our 1st Graders worked on:

  • Beginning and Ending Blends

  • Editing our nonfiction books

  • Learned about looking for friendly numbers when adding 3 numbers

  • Explored using ideas from nature to improve our designs

  • Worked on our science engineering task

  • Learned more about self regulation

  • Explored the cafeteria and learned the expectations

Next week we will:

  • Learn more ending blends

  • Publish our nonfiction books

  • Learn more about equivalent equations

  • Learn more from our UVM interns

  • Have our first lunch in the cafeteria!!!

  • Learn about mental images and how it helps with reading comprehension