Saturday, September 24, 2022

Adventures With Our UCS Nature Cats- 9/19-9/23


 Learning highlights from the week:

  • Math- Second graders continued to review their combinations to 10 and today we discussed order while adding 3 or more addends.  We will be  continuing that discussion next week.  First graders learned strategies for adding and solving story problems.  Next week first graders will start strategies for subtraction.  First graders also have been enjoying this counting by 10’s song (warning… it’s catchy and sticks in your head)

  • Reading- We continue to build our reading stamina and we're slowly stretching our reading times as well. We learned about using our schema and connecting new information to things we already know. This helps strengthen our comprehension. 

  • Mindfulness - We read Your Fantastic Elastic Brain and learned what our brain does for us!  We made brain hats to help us learn more about our brain. We made our classroom expectations: Be Kind, Be Honest, Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect Our Classroom and Supplies.  We created thumbprint promises to help remind us to follow those expectations. 

Science - Recycle Rhonda came to visit us on Friday reminding us of the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling! Here is our 3 R’s Recycling Song that we are learning to sing. 

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Adventures From 9/9-9/16

What a fantastic week!  We have had another week of playing, laughing and learning.   We are getting to know each other and the routines and expectations of the classroom.  I can honestly say that every day we feel more and more like a community.  I am looking forward to an incredible year. 

Important Information:


Please notify both myself and the front office for pending absences and tardies. This can be via email, note or phone call.  Also, if by any chance, end of day plans change, please send a note to both myself and to Connie at  I do not always have a chance to check my email in the afternoon, so this way we will be sure to see the message.

Calling All Large Zucchinis:  Our Zucchini Relay will be held on Thursday September 29th.  If you have an overly large zucchini growing in your garden that you would like to contribute to our race, we would love to have it.  Don’t pick it yet!  Let it grow and we’ll be in touch when we would like them brought to school.  If you would like to come see the race it begins at 1:45 sharp!

Picture Day:  September 29th.  Picture envelopes are in home folders today!

Open House Morning:  We will be holding an Open House Morning on Thursday October 13th from 7:30-8:30.  Come in if you can and see what your child has been working on!

 Learning highlights from the week:

  • Math- Second graders are working on combinations of numbers under 20 as well as an exploration of coin names and their value.  First graders have been practicing counting to 20, playing Roll and Record and One More/One Less

  • Reading-  Because we will be running literacy time using skill stations this year, the focus of our time right now continues to be how we function within a center model.  This includes; rotating through stations, building stamina and keeping our voice level low while reviewing letter sounds.  

  • Writing-   This week we started creating our own books.  Students are drawing and writing about adventures that have happened to them or things they do!  They enjoyed building their books this week. 

Celebrations- This week we celebrated International Dot Day!  We read the story The Dot by Peter Reynolds, sang the song and created Dot Art to help inspire everyone to make their mark! Here is the link to the book and the song!               
The Dot (story)                              The Dot song w/ motions


Saturday, September 10, 2022

Nature Cat Adventures 9/6-9/9

Below are some highlights of the week:

Home/School Folder: 

Our Green Folders come home on Friday.  Please help your child remember to get it out of their bag and unpack it.  Please send it back by the following Friday.  


Our Nature Cat newsletter will go out every week.  If you have a question or concern please feel free to call or email us anytime.  If you send an email to us after 4:30 we will try our best to get back to you by the end of the next school day!

Early Release: 

A reminder that next Wednesday is the first early release day of the year.  Students will be dismissed at approximately 12:15 and buses will leave approximately 12:30.  Lunch will be provided as usual.


If you would like to volunteer in the classroom you must first fill out the volunteer sign-up form on the UCS Website.  The link can be found under the Families tab.  This form must be updated every 5 years.

 Learning highlights from the week:

  • Math- We began transitioning to our math classes this week.  Ms Jones and Mrs Eakes will be teaching second grade math.  All of our 2nd Graders will have Mrs. Eakes.  Mrs. Ferreira and I will be teaching first grade math. Our class will have 7 of Ms. Jones’ students come into our class and join us.  This week first graders explored counting collections and 10 frames while second graders explored ways to get to 10 with multiple addends and filled in pattern block shapes.     

  • Reading- We worked on Reader’s Workshop routines.  We are working on Reading to Self and Word Work.  On Friday we added Read to a Stuffed Friend.  This was a highlight for our learners.  

  • Community- We read several new social emotional books this week.  We learned about how we have thoughts and feelings and we give others thoughts and feelings. We talked about the type of thoughts we can give people. In addition we learned about the Group Plan!  Ask your child to tell you all about it!

  • Celebrations- We have 1 chrysalis and 1 caterpillar to observe!  Thank you for sending them in! Reminder- if you find any at home and want to add to our collection we would love to care for them! 

Some of our self portraits!  

Reading with a stuffed friend!


Saturday, September 3, 2022

Welcome UCS 1st and 2nd Graders


Welcome to our first Nature Cat News of the 22-23 school year!  We have had an amazing first week of school filled with lots of fun and learning.  We worked on some projects to make our room feel like our own, we spent time outside and we explored what it means to be a first and second grader.  I can already tell it’s going to be a great year!

Below are some highlights of the week:


Our Nature Cat newsletter will go out every week.  If you have a question or concern please feel free to call or email us anytime.  If you send an email to us after 4:30 we will try our best to get back to you by the end of the next school day!


Please have students leave all toys at home.  This includes stuffed animals and trinkets.  If your child would like to share, we suggest collections, pictures of family activities and pets.

Home Folders:  Home folders will go home every Friday.  Please send them back to school on each Monday.  

 Learning highlights from the week:

  • Math- Students enjoyed a guided discovery of our math tools. We used geoblocks, snap cubes, domino math and pattern blocks.  Students worked on learning in cooperative groups with puzzles and following our classroom expectations and routines during math.  

  • Literacy- Students began their literacy time by learning the routine of our Reading Workshop.  This time is broken down into 4 sections, Work Work, Read To Self, Read Aloud Comprehension, and a listening to reading or tech piece. This week students explored word work and read to self. 


  • Science-  We are interested in watching and learning about the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly.  We would love some help finding some Monarch caterpillars to have in our classrooms to watch and observe.  If you would like to help us out and look for some caterpillars or eggs to bring into our classrooms we would GREATLY appreciate it! A note is in your child’s home/school folder with a picture of milkweed and the caterpillars. 

  • You will only find the Monarch caterpillars on MILKWEED plants because they only eat milkweed leaves.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Game Day Reading Celebration and More!


This week we celebrated our 1st Graders and their incredible job reading 120 hours.  Students brought in games from home and shared them with our class. It was fantastic to watch our learners teach each other how to play their favorite games!  We also shared our Reader’s Theater scripts with our 4th Grade buddies.  Everyone did a fantastic job!

Here are a few things we worked on this week:

  • Suffix -ing and -ed

  • Understanding characters and their traits

  • Game Day Celebration!

  • Adding punctuation to our writing

  • Fluency and expression with our reading

  • Counting by 10 off the decade

  • Adding and subtracting multiples of 10 from any 2 digit number 

  • Learned about the Moon- Earth’s only natural satellite 

  • Learned about the phases of moon

Next week we will:

  • Select a favorite book and write a review of it

  • Add contractions to our phonics and spelling

  • Complete our reading assessments

  • Continue our work on character traits and problem/solution with our fictional texts

  • Adding and subtracting with 120 using place value

  • Writing 3 digit numbers

  • Explore patterns in the day and night sky

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Fun with 4th Grade Buddies and More!

Here are the things we worked on this week.

We learned:

  • The difference between a fact and your opinion

  • How to share your opinion with others- Convince your reader!

  • Read books with our 4th Grade buddies

  • How to use story elements to improve comprehension

  • Keep track of the time and setting while reading

  • Long vowel pattern CVCe

  • Counting, Adding and Subtracting Groups of 10

  • Learning to understand the Base 10 System

  • The Sun is 93,000,000 miles away

  • The Sun provides light and warmth to the Earth

Next week we will:

  • Continue with Opinion Writing

  • Learn to use reasons and examples to support our opinions

  • Learn more about predicting in fiction books

  • Practice keeping track and retelling important parts of a story

  • Continue with long vowel pattern CVCe- u has been really tricky for us

  • Practice our sight words - here is the list

  • Focus on Place Value and how it use it to add and subtract

  • Learn about the patterns in our sky- the sun rises in the east and sets in the west

Keep up the reading at home!  We are almost at 120 hours!  Sight word practice can be very helpful for a young reader to help them progress.  We are working on the first 50 sight words.   If you are interested, here is a website that has games you can make and play at home